Area de Becarios y Solicitantes

Area de Becarios y Solicitantes

Programa Líderes Hispanos de Estados Unidos/ Hispanic Leaders Program

Convocatoria: C.2017
Área: Programa Internacional de Visitantes


We are looking for young leaders with hispanic background and a distinguished professional career.

The XIX Hispanic Leaders program is now accepting application for its 2017 cohort. Please read about the programs and the instructions to register in the application process. 

The Hispanic Leaders Program:

A one week Program - From Dec 9th to Dec 15th -Educational Seminar in Spain through on-site visits and meetings where you will have the opportunity to learn about Spain Issues, culture and politics with diverse political, civic and business leaders from around the country.

To register in the application process you must go to:

You must click on the "SOLICITAR" button, and it will direct you to create your profile, click  "REGISTER" if it is the first time. If you already have registered your log in information click on “ENTRAR”.  Accept the data protection clause by clicking "ACEPTAR", and then you will be able to see the registration form. Once these fields are completed click the “ENVIAR" button.

Aplication Date line: october 13th

Programa de Lideres Hispanos:

Programa de una semana de duración, del 9 al 15 de diciembre de 2017, cuyo objetivo es dar a conocer la realidad de España, sus desafíos, su cultura y su política mediante encuentros con líderes de la sociedad civil, empresarios, periodistas y políticos.

Para participar en el proceso de selección debe pulsar en este enlace:

Una vez ahí tiene dos opciones:

Pulsar en el botón “SOLICITAR”, en caso de que usted esté ya registrado en la base de datos de la Fundación Carolina, en cuyo caso se le pedirán las claves para acceder ó

Pulsar el botón “REGISTRAR” si es la primera vez que accede. A continuación debe aceptar la cláusula de protección de datos, que da paso al formulario básico de registro. Una vez completados los campos deberá hacer click en el botón de enviar y de esa manera habrá creado su perfil.


You will need the following documentation:

Upload your Cover Letter

Upload your Resume of CV

Upload 2 Letters of Recommendation

Passport Copy

For more information please contact:


Documentación que debe adjuntar

Carta de Presentación

Resumen del CV

2 Cartas de Recomendación

Copia del Pasaporte

Para más información por favor contactar con:



What is the Hispanic Leaders Program?

The Hispanic Leaders Program is a visitors program organized by the Embassy of Spain and the Fundación Carolina with the purpose of increasing the knowledge of Spain among the Hispanic community in the United States. Participants have the opportunity to travel to Spain to learn more about Spain’s political, economic, and cultural realities, as well as the strong relationship between Spain and the United States.​​

The program is designed to promote Spain’s relationship with the Hispanic Community in the United States. For this purpose, the Fundación Carolina also organizes a reunion every five years with alumni of the program, in order to continue the conversation and keep abreast of the issues that are affecting the Hispanic community.  

How long has the Hispanic Leaders Program been running and how many people have participated?

More than 200 people have taken part in the Hispanic Leaders program, which has been running for the past 17 years. We look forward to many more years of promoting mutual understanding and information exchange through this fruitful program.

Why is the hispanic and latino population in the United States a priority for the Embassy?

In the latest demographic survey conducted in 2015, the U.S. Census Bureau announced that the Hispanic population in the United States reached 56.6 million, one in six citizens, contributing to more than half of the country's population growth. In the political arena, the presence of U.S. citizens of Hispanic origin has grown significantly in both Congress and the Administration, as well as in other organs of power. The Embassy pays special attention to the growth of the Hispanic population in the United States, given the cultural and economic weight of this group, and its increasing political influence.

The Hispanic Leaders program began with the objective of identifying Hispanic professionals who stand out in the business, academic, artistic, political and media sectors of the United States in order to facilitate the establishment of a network among themselves and their Spanish counterparts. The program is designed to highlight the opportunity that the growing Hispanic community in the United States supposes for Spain, to enhance the feeling of belonging to an international community that shares language, culture, and history and to improve mutual knowledge and the image of Spain in the United States and vice versa.  

What kind of activities do participants take part in while in Spain?

While in Spain, participants take part in meetings with government leaders including ministers, state secretaries and members of parliament. They also meet with and business representatives in leading Spanish industries and participate in cultural outings to theatres and museums. In addition to their stay in Madrid, participants also take part in an excursion to one of Spain’s 17 regions.

What should you participate in the program?

We strongly encourage people of hispanic or latino origin in the United States to apply to participate in the program. Through your participation, you will learn a great deal about Spain while also having the opportunity to teach Spaniards about the latino community in the U.S. It is this kind of mutual understanding that we seek to foster and promote with the Hispanic Leaders program.